The day that changed my life...I slowly opened the door to the hospital room to see that my mom and my grandma were assisting my dad. He was embarrassed and I could see it, almost like he was letting me down. I closed the door and walked to the end of the hall to a corner. I paced back and forth. It was the worst thing I had ever felt. I couldn't breathe.

Eventually we all went down to the ICU. Our whole family was in the room while he battled his up and down heart rate. We camped around him and held his hands. A little while later a doctor came in and checked up on my dad. He looked into his eyes with his little flashlight and looked at us as if "no one told you yet?" A couple minutes later my dad's heart rate began to slow down. I walked out of the room into the hallway. "This isn't real." Not my dad...not my family...please." I heard the door close and looked back down the hall. It was my brother. That was it. I knew he died. David Novek. The greatest man you could meet. Gone. I had to walk back in to help everyone gather his belongings. I grabbed his shoes. What do we do now?

I started this company in memory of my dad, the man I strive to be, the man whose memory will never be forgotten. - Brett Novek